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Highschool Pipe Dream: Creating a Web Comic

I think everyone (during Highschool) wanted to make a web comic. I remember reading Ctrl+Alt+Del and other daily comics religiously everyday thinking “Hey, I could do that” (no, no I couldn’t but i give myself an A for effort). My sophomore year, I really wanted to make a web comic or a graphic novel so I had all these sketches of characters. I had tons of ideas that I thought were hilarious…but really weren’t. I had one series about my friends in latin class, another about a heartbroken rabbit, then a parody of my friends. And after almost ten years, I found them…

Maybe one day I will pick it up again – or maybe burn them all.

This was the first page of a graphic adaption of one of my sci-fi stories

Meet Violet (an angry teenager), Scott (a sex obsessed teen), and Zeek (the geek). Violet is violent, and Scott is…well…an idiot, and Zeek is a geek.


And after creating the characters, I had very rough sketches: including this one

Made during those “anti-drug” commercials


I never had a name for this particular series and although I made close to 60 sketches, they never made it online. Now, they are on the web, in all their high school horribleness. Enjoy!


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