Book World

Digitally Trapped

Something has happened. I haven’t read a book…for myself…in 6 months. My world, once only inhabited by books and the bookstore, has grown unbelievably fast and completely out of my control. I once spend nights snuggled with a new book next to my pillow. Now I spent most night typing on this unnatural glowing screen that is definitely having an effect on my eyesight (I’m not a doctor but these headaches are coming from somewhere). Where has all this time gone???


I am too connected to my laptop, my phone, my e-reader, and my iPad. Every moment of every day I am checking five e-mail accounts, writing for four classes (not to mention freelancing), maintaining 3 websites, tweeting on two usernames, and updating facebook. What happened? When did I become so dependent on the internet to the point where if I am not in the vicinity of WiFi I panic? Then I ran across the art of Felipe Luchi who created ads by taking “familiar symbols of the modern world – the mouse, the smartphone and the ever-ticking clock – and turned them into giant prisons.”

Are you in a digital prison? I think I am going to go read a book…a real one…printed on paper.

Check out his artwork here – Is Our Digital Lifestyle Turning Into A Kind Of Prison?


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