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Are You My Typeface?

Being an avid reader, one of my biggest goals in life to foster the love of reading in my own (future) children. At the bookstore, I am always on the lookout for books to add to my future collection. I expect I will buy all the classics that I grew up with such as Make Way for Ducklingsand Blueberries for Sal. But with the newer generations receiving tablets and smart phones at a younger age, there is a call for a new way to connect with children. When “It’s a Book” by Lane Smith came out, I laughed as the confused character picked up a book and asked “Can you blog with it? How do you scroll down? Does it need a password.”

Recently, I discovered a book that I definitely want to add to my future collection: “Are You My Typeface?” by Justin Austin-Brenemann from Cambridge. It is an adorable story of a little lost “a” searching for its typeface and it meets many other typefaces before finally finding its home. The author, a design researcher at MIT in the Ideation Lab, created the board book to share his love of typography with his one year old daughter.

Each typeface answers “a” in it’s own way as it searches for where it belongs. Somehow, Justin Austin-Brenemann has given fonts a personality! The font Impact is loud and mean whiles Comic Sans immaturely replies “Are you kidding me?” It is similar to “Are You My Mother” by P. D. Eastman but with a modern, typography twist. Typography is now apart of our everyday lives – it is the appearance of all printed matter. The fonts we use can express different emotions through text whether it be angry in bold or whimpering in italics.

While the book is not yet in print, “Are You My Typeface?” is running an online Kickstarter campaign. There are only a few more days left in the campaign but it is still a book to keep an eye out for as the perfect gift for any computer geek’s or graphic designer’s child!

What typeface do you think this is written in?


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